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Better Banking

My friend recently had her big bank, Chase, revoke her banking rights at their bank. Thankfully, her and her husband were able to get all their money out of their accounts, but how crazy is that?!


Big Banks are always banking on something: us not asking the right questions.


If we did, we might find our money supports things that we, as Christ followers, strongly disagree with.


Arming yourself with the right questions is the first step to banking in a way that supports your beliefs.


Ive just recently been introduced to values driven banking, and letting @adelfibanking help me ask better questions.


Learn how today at


Here are some of the questions:

        • Does your Big Bank invest in cannabis, alcohol, or adult entertainment?
        • Does your Big Bank put shareholders and profits over people?
        • Does your Big Bank support Christian causes or organizations?
        • Does your Big Bank align with your Christian values?


Ryan and I are looking for a new bank and this May be where we end up!


AdelFi. Better Banking. Higher Purpose.


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